Friday, April 3, 2015

Jesus' Sacrifice

Easter is just around the corner. I have always enjoyed the chocolate and the cute bunny decorations, but Easter is most important to me because of what it really means.

On Good Friday (the Friday before Easter), we remember what Jesus did for us. He suffered TERRIBLE beatings, mockery, embarrassment, and SO much pain. After almost being beaten to the point of death, He had to hang on a cross by spikes in His wrists and in His feet.

 Jesus gave His life for us.

We are all sinners. (Romans 3:23) Each and every one of us. The Bible tells us that the punishment for sin is death.(Romans 6:23) But Jesus loves us so much that He took our punishment. (John 3:16) Jesus was perfect, holy, and lived a life without sin. When He hung on that cross, all of our sins from the past, present, and future were laid on Him. 

And because Jesus took on our punishment, we have a choice to repent of our sins and surrender our lives to Him. (I John 1:9) He wants us to be His children. He loves us. When you give your life to Jesus, you have accepted His great gift and can someday join Him in heaven and thank Him for His sacrifice face-to-face.

On Good Friday, Jesus gave His life. On Easter, He rose again. That is what I celebrate.